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33 Activities to Raise Mindful Kids

Sometimes it feels as though the screens are consuming our children not the other way round. And then we crave for other activities- activities to raise mindful kids, activities to be more present in their lives.

I feel so concerned about persistent lower moods in which my son lives. 

Are our children ever going to know the happiness hidden in playing without toys?

Are you among those parents who have similar concerns as above?

Do you also worry about the declining level of happiness in the younger generation? You know that mindfulness has an answer but how do you preach it to children as young as 4 years old?

Fret not! Raising mindful children is easier than it appears. All we have to do is to learn not to raise mindless children.

Yes, that’s all we need.

Children, being intelligent, little creature know, and live in the mindset of, mindfulness. We, being parents, are tasked with not distracting them with overwhelming demands, noise, and attention from this natural state of mind.

Once we have learned to give just adequate attention to our kids, we need certain activities to make the mindfulness practice more mindful. Get them talking about the mindset so they remain committed to it.

Activities to Raise Mindful Kids

Let’s see a few activities to raise mindful kids so they are more aligned with their natural mental state.

  1. Get out of your home. More precisely, get into nature.
  2. Climb trees with them.
  3. Collect flowers, leaves or twigs with them.
  4. Ask them to focus on breath going in and coming out.
  5. Close eyes and feel the objects from a box of samples.
  6. Ask them to experience and report the food they are eating before seeing it only through their senses of smell and taste.
  7. Encourage them to get their hands dirty (proverbially). Read more about working with children on this post.
  8. Ask them to look inward and ask every part of their body how it is feeling.
  9. Tell them that sometimes you need to relax for a moment thinking about every of your body parts and mindfully relaxing it. Model this exercise in front of them until they know what you do.
  10. Ask them to name their emotions. (NEVER forget to do this when they are overwhelmed by these feelings.)
  11. Ask them to name the emotions of someone interacting with them.
  12. Encourage them to speak up. If they find an experience or an interaction with other human beings happiness-inducing, ask them to thank that person. If they think the interaction was unjust, ask them to voice their opinion.
  13. Lay down on your back in open on a cloudy day and ask your child to name the shape of the cloud.
  14. Play with the reflection of light or with shadows. Ask them to find the source of reflection on the wall or ceiling.
  15. Focus on the tiny floating particles that come with the light on a sunny day. Ask them to follow them across their journey.
  16. Ask them to close their eyes and focus on the darkness inside. How does this darkness change with every change in light intensity?
  17. Ask them to put fingers in their ears to listen to the blood flowing within the body.
  18. Talk to them after meal regarding how their meal will move across their digestive tract.
  19. Lay with them and place a pillow on your abdomen. Laugh at how it’s moving up and down.
  20. Hug them for twenty seconds.
  21. Go on a mindful walk. Encourage them to report as many birds, people, cars, or trees as they can remember on the walk.
  22. Guide them through mindful meditation.
  23. Talk to them about their heartbeat let them experience it. Ask them to experience your heartbeat.
  24. Do the same with the pulse.
  25. Let them lie on fresh grass and feel the freshness.
  26. Play a game of sensing their moving body parts.
  27. Free up their time. They can practice mindfulness in a better way than they would under your supervision.
  28. Hold an arrow shooting competition. Help them learn it.
  29. If you can, teach them the skill of horseback riding.  
  30. Ask questions that encourage critical thinking.
  31. Ask them to spot characters or objects in a comic book.
  32. Be with them.
  33. And be silly.

Take Away

There are hundreds of small activities that will allow you to be silly and present with your kids. Enjoying small instances of happiness is the best way to raise mindful kids.

Happy Growing!

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