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8 Activities for Workaholics to be More Mindful Parents

When it comes to raising your children, you wonder if your workaholic attitude is helping your children move their excellence or is it keeping them stuck and away from you.

You are worried. Before this life of parenting your children, you were content with your lifestyle. But now you want to make changes and are clueless.

You are that workaholic who constantly thinks about results, achievements, appearance, and perfection.

You take a no-bullshit approach to life. And you cannot bear to lose out on any new opportunity. After all, what life is all about other than pursuing your goals and perfecting your life?!

You were committed. But now you are stuck with this mindset. How to accommodate your children’s emotional needs without compromising your work ethics?

Simply, ditch the work ethics at home.

But HOW!

Because of years of commitment to your work-life, this transition becomes difficult. And this transition just seems impossible.

Let’s get into your child’s life with these small, yet mindful, activities. The key here is to find enough time out of your work schedule and with your children.

#1 Work Together!

Here I am talking about physical work.

The goal here is not to get caught up in mental work.

Explain the procedure well in advance of doing the task. Divide the subtasks among both of you. You don’t want to interrupt too much or worry about why your kids are not getting the instructions the first time.

A better option is to let them see you doing the task once or twice before enrolling them in it.

#2 Indulge in a Competition

Learning something new is a process every workaholic enjoys most.

If that is you, learn something which matches their age, mental capacity, and interests. Have a competition about learning it first. Don’t be surprised if they beat you at it. And don’t overthink if you beat them at it. They will be fine whether they learn a skill in less time than you or not. S

#3 Ask Thought-provoking Questions

And get them to create their question to inquire you.

Take some guidance from the internet and/or from books. Big Questions for Young Minds: Extending Children’s Thinking is a great start for this.

Get surprised by their different points of view. And also learn to appreciate the vastness of human thoughts.

#4 Learn Social Skills

Talk about their favorite characters from their books, movies, or serials. Ask them why that character acted that way in a certain part or scene.

Ask them what they would do in the same situation.

Add some creativity to the conversation and ask them how you, or someone in your social circle, would have responded in this situation. (Their answers can give you goosebumps.)

Give a realistic touch by talking about your (and their) experiences and discuss how you (or they) could improve these responses. Start by taking you as an example so they can trust the authenticity of the conversation.

#5 Feel the Art

Not just your art!

But find an art that is as novel to you as it is to your kid.

Allow them to express it in their unique ways. Get inspired! Or only be appreciative of their skills.

#6 Be Playful

Whatever you do to bond with your children or become a mindful parent, do it playfully. Don’t expect performance. And take in those activities that are fresh and innovative.

Keep in mind that every individual is different. If your kid is not much accomplished in one activity or intelligence, it doesn’t raise red flags about their life success. There are eight different, but equally influential, intelligences.

And, the best part is, every one of these intelligences is capable of making up for the discrepancy in other intelligence.

#7 Hop on the Swing

Swinging may not help you to be more mindful of your children. But it will surely invite in the play energy all parents desperately need.

Do you know one thing which keeps us from truly connecting with our kids? That is a significant difference in our and their energy levels.

We, parents, are stressed out and cautious. They, children, are happy-go-lucky and explorative.

There are only two ways to connect with our kids.

First, the disastrous, way is to snatch their happiness. Unfortunately, this is how most of the world is parenting their kids- allowing them to be bullied by screens and pressured by studies.

Second, more natural and healthy, way is to reach their energy levels and embrace them as they are.

Having, childish, fun is one way to do reach their energy levels.

And swings and other rides allow us to do just that: to reach their energy levels.

#8  Let Them Teach You Something

This activity will not only allow you to be more mindful of their conversation and personality but will also help their self-esteem.

Let them take charge of your life from time to time.

Take Away

There are seven activities that will allow you to get out of your workaholic mode and put on your happy, available parent cape.

Remember the key is to get into your child’s world.

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