About Me

Children!!! Yes, children make a big definition of my life.

Around ten years of teaching experience that revolved mostly around children, their learning process, their social skills development, and their growth, I understood the conditions which gave birth to, and raised, happy healthy, smart resilient children.

So opting to be a mother was an easy decision. I knew my stuff!

Only that I didn’t.

Parenting a child is a difficult task. I found practicality and moral values and reality makes just a small part of whole parenting phenomenon. While emotions, love of child and perception makes the real threads directing a parent’s action towards their children. And the latter factors need attention, a lot of it.

So I sought to pay attention to my feelings, love for my child, and my view point towards him in the wider arena of world, and found that parenting is not a standalone task it affects every aspects of our lives. When I say every aspect, start by considering your thoughts, beliefs and brain wiring.

Here at learn play n grow, I discuss how I grew again with my kid to make him more equipped with life skills by developing my own attitude towards life. I hope that you would relate to my experiences as a mother and benefit from them.

A parent at heart and a writer by profession (or maybe the opposite!), I love to serve the world with my gifts and inspiration!

If you want to hire me as a writer, shoot me an email @ arubaa18@gmail.com