4 Reasons to not Quit Nagging Your Children to Help around the Home (and 5 Tips to Up Your Game)

After succeeding at home championship of shouting match you thought that now your son will help clean the garden.

But you were wrong. And the worst part is that this result was not surprising.

The behavior of these kids! You sometimes seriously think about changing your expectations and include more chores to your own routine. After all, it is easier to walk the dog for fifteen minutes a day yourself than to keep reminding your pre-teen doing the same for half an hour. And, even the result of half an hour of nagging is not guaranteed to occur in your best interest.

Quitting seems to be the best choice for your peace of mind. But I suggest otherwise.

The benefits of not giving up on your child’s self-sufficiency are just too many to forgo. Continue reading “4 Reasons to not Quit Nagging Your Children to Help around the Home (and 5 Tips to Up Your Game)”

4 Qualities of Parents Who Raise Children with Grit

If he were you, he would never lose interest in coloring the diagram before it was ready to be displayed on the fridge.

But he wasn’t you!

Even when he was your son.

What reasons make him lose interest in the smallest duration tasks even when they were his favorite ones?

Is it a generational issue? It might be, given our new generation has a shorter attention span (thanks to screen).

But it doesn’t mean that the impact of parenting style can be underrated here.

Even in the presence of noises of social media and hundreds of distractions from comic books to video games, to all-time-dinging cell phones, you can raise children with grit.

Yes, even in the chaotic world of today. There are certain tools that will help you in this regard including assigning chores and determining a process to deal with tantrums and failures. But these tools are just that: tools. And they will only address part of the concern.

To get a more comprehensive result affecting the whole life of your child, you need to understand that the whole parenting style should be targeted towards helping children with their focus and interest. Continue reading “4 Qualities of Parents Who Raise Children with Grit”

5 Ways to Help Kids in Gaining Self-Control

Will my child ever learn to behave when his peers are around?

Why my son never cleans his room without being told to do so?

How my teen will survive his high-school studies without me running after him?

And above all, ‘will my kid ever grow up to handle his affairs on his own?’

These are some of the questions we ask ourselves every day, week or month. The intensity of these concerns can be mild, representing friction of everyday life, or it can be severe, showing extreme laziness and dependence on others, especially parents.

As parents, we are rightly concerned about the sense of responsibility our adult kids will feel in future and the control they will exert on themselves.

But… Wait. Continue reading “5 Ways to Help Kids in Gaining Self-Control”

4 Trainings You Get from Potty Training Your Child


How do people really succeed in potty training their children? It’s such a headache, isn’t it?

All in all, we cannot take our child’s place and move their bowel. They have to do it themselves. So how are we supposed to make them push when it is time and hold when it is not?


But once the training was over, I realized that it left behind it traces not only on the kid (he was able to foretell when he needed to go) but also on me. it evoked new energy in me. This energy came from four trainings potty training provided me.

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Parenting Lessons I Learnt from my Loooong (ahem) Illness

Okay! Okay! It wasn’t that long. I was bound to my bed only for the better part of January. Yet, as you can imagine, it disturbed my life at home and at work.


Just imagine you are so ill that you cannot lift your head from your pillow and your toddler/preschooler/pre-tween/or tween wants all that attention from you that was his right before the illness.

You feel incapable and sorry. Continue reading “Parenting Lessons I Learnt from my Loooong (ahem) Illness”

6 Reasons Your Kid is a LOSER and What YOU Can Do About It

Sorry to disappoint you. I know what you believe about your kid’s success. How highly you thought about them. And what great dreams you have for them.

But I have to break it to you that all your beliefs are grounded in perceptions which have nothing to do with reality. Your talks are clueless. And your dreams are fantasies never going to make their way into the real world.

You have to reconsider your expectations. Period. Continue reading “6 Reasons Your Kid is a LOSER and What YOU Can Do About It”

5 Ways to Save Your Sanity as a Working Mom

‘So you were the bitch, again?’

‘How could you yell at your kid for the third time in a day even after promising yourself you won’t?’

‘No mother is as harsh as you are. Seriously you didn’t deserve the privilege of mothering such an adorable kid.’

This is my inner critique shouting at me every time I fail to remain calm at apparently innocent actions of my child. Do your critique is as harsh as mine?

This guilt of losing temper is common among working parents. And these lists of issues for which we feel guilty have many more entries. We fight against the guilt of not being with our children during their success and when they are feeling low, of not listening enough to their stories about their days, of not able to cook them quality meals every day, and of not investing more time in their personality building. Continue reading “5 Ways to Save Your Sanity as a Working Mom”

Rescue your child from fears in 5 easy ways

And it was the final nail in the coffin. After all these trainings and encouragements about taking that damn slide, the young lad was unable to go down that lovely body.

You pointed to other kids who were having the slide. How happy they were! You made him lose hold on the sides. And he went down, enjoying. And next time it was an issue, again. You even threatened him to go down the slide by himself, or you won’t bring him to the park next time.

And he responded by not going down the slide.

You are concerned. And, believe me! You have every right to be concerned. Your child is unable to have fun in situations where other kids are shrieking with fun.

What can you do to build up your child’s confidence?

There must be some way out of it, right? Continue reading “Rescue your child from fears in 5 easy ways”