How to Dive into Bitterness and How to Climb Out of It

I have always been a high maintenance person. In fact, my symptoms are so severe that people from my inner circle used to tell me that I need to give myself a break. I didn’t spend much of my time in cleaning and perfecting my residence area, but I didn’t create much mess and didn’t like it when someone else created a mess there. And I always made a point to remind them how ugly it all is appearing.

But there was a character in my real life whose symptoms were even severer than mine. I used to listen to his rants about how things are going bad, and he should get a better, cleaner environment.

I used to think ‘Why if he is so irritated of disturbance, doesn’t he clean his surroundings all by himself? He has two hands, he can easily move with two legs he has gotten, and he has all the time in this world as he doesn’t do anything for a living,’ At least I was more bearable than him as I didn’t fuss about the cleanliness of others’ environment.

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