3 motivational steps from feeling of sheer loss to overflowing self-love

You are mediocre.

You are an ordinary person with no special talents. You cannot take part in beauty contest at your work place let alone globally. You understand nothing about the world politics and your knowledge about your favorite sport is abysmal. You are also not that happy-go-lucky type of person who never gives a shit about others’ comments regarding their dumbness.

With your plain looks, below average intelligence, and dumb appearance, you are not going to win the world. Now, you have to live your ordinary, boring, dull, and lackluster life. You have no way to escape from your building anxiety and unrest, except to admit it. This is your destiny. With so many issues gathered in a single person, there is no chance of overturning the imperfection overnight or over-centuries.

So you have to make peace with your reality. Adjust with it. And develop your life around it.

This is all life keeps reminding you. Accept your mediocrity to survive. The only talent is contentment.

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